Here at Pri-Your-ity Services in Tampa, we offer assistance to those who are looking to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. If you are struggling to make ends meet due to a disability, mental or physical, SSI can be the right solution for you. However, navigating the murky waters of the application process can be overwhelming and stressful. Our team is here to help.

Check out these four things you need to know when you are applying for disability and reach out to our team to get the ball rolling.

#1: Be Prepared For A Lot Of Paperwork

Unfortunately, applying for SSI benefits is not as simple as you might think. When it comes to proving you are a worthy candidate for SSI benefits, you will need to endure a large amount of paperwork. From your initial application to follow up documentation, be prepared to submit a large amount of paperwork. Before you start the application process, it is a good idea to get together any relevant info you might need, such as your social security card, medical documents, and other proof documents.

#2: Guidelines Are Strict

Receiving SSI benefits is not as simple as many people think. The guidelines the government sets out are actually quite strict and the reason for denial is usually due to an inability to prove that the restrictions have been met. According to the Social Security Administration in order to qualify for disability, the following must be true:

“You must be unable to do any substantial work because of your medical condition(s);
And Your medical condition(s) must have lasted, or be expected to last, at least 1 year, or be
expected to result in your death.”

#3: The Process Isn’t Quick

While you may hope to get your first SSI check in the mail as quickly as possible, be prepared to wait for approval. It can take anywhere from three to five months to return a decision. The exact time will vary, depending on what documentation is needed. Usually delays in the process are due to extra paperwork that needs to be filed or medical appointments that need to be made. Make sure that if any appointments are set, you fulfill them, in order to not delay the process further.

#4: It Is Easier With The Help Of A Professional

If you have applied for SSI benefits prior and you were denied, don’t worry. You can appeal for reconsideration. Perhaps you haven’t been denied, but you have been too overwhelmed to undertake the process on your own. Either way, the best thing you can do is work with a professional when you are applying for disability. An experienced pro will know how to best navigate the waters and can help you tackle the daunting process.

Looking for help with your application for SSI? Talk to our team at Pri-Your-ity Services in Tampa. We will assist you in getting the process started. Don’t spend any more time without the help you need. Call us today.